Timothy K. Park, Ph.D.Mission History / Church Planting

Paul Yonggap Jeong, Ph.D.Mission Theology

Daniel Park, Ph.D.Contextualization
David Hartono, Ph.D.Mission Theology
Chul-Yong Timothy Chang, Ph.D.Mission History
Paul Cho, Ph.D.Eastern Thought

Je Soon Chung, Ph.D.Bible Translation

Santos Yao, Ph.D.

Mission Theology

Indrawan Eleeas, D.Miss.Church Growth
George Alexander, Ph.D.Intercultural Communication
Caleb Kim, Ph.D. Islam
Enoch Kim, Ph.D.Communication
Philo Kim, Ph.D.Sociology / North Korea
Kwang Kil Lee, Ph.D.Leadership
Helen Lim, Ph.D.Communication
Andrew Ma, Ph.D.
Abraham Mok, Ph.D.Contextualization
Luke Moon, Ph.D.,Mission Theology/Professional Mission
Joy Palmer, Ph.D.Church History
Junhui Joo, Ph.D.Area Studies / Politics
Kwang Ja Park, D.Miss. & Ph.D.Mission Education/Mobilization
Myonki Park, Ph.D.Spiritual Warfare/ Power Encounter

Minho Ma, Ph.D.
Area Studies

Paul Seung Oh Ahn, Ph.D.
Mission Theology

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