Asia Missions Association


Innovation From Westernization to De-Westernization and then Globalization 

“Established under the auspices of Asia Missions Association, EWCMRD envisions to be a catalyst for world mission movement in the 21st century. We aim to develop world-class leaders, produce cutting-edge mission researches and publications and provide forums for discussions and sharing of ideas. We are in partnership with churches.”

David J Cho, PhD

Founder of Asia Missions Association



In 1971, Dr. David J. Cho made several trips to various Asian countries, discussing the possibility of calling the All-Asia Missions Consultation. This proposal was warmly received and the Consultation was held In Seoul, Korea on August 1973. As a result of that Consultation, the Asia Missions Association was formed in August 1975. It was consisted by 14 Asian nations, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Asian Missions Association has hosted a Triennial All Asian Missionary Conference in different Asian Countries since its All-Asia Mission Consultation in Seoul on the year 1973. Each conference ending with resolutions and action plans has contributed in uniting the Asian Churches and Mission Agencies for advancement of the Gospel. The year 2013 marked 40th Anniversary of the AMA and 11th AMA Triennial Convention was held in Inchon, Korea where it all started. The Next 12nd Convention will be hosted by Philippines Missions Association in Manila, Philippines, in 2016.



o   To promote cooperative action in mission among member agencies and associations

o   To provide coordination, service, and exchange of information

o   To provide mutual assistance in developing missions and exchange of personnel

o   To establish missionary research, development, and training centers in Asia and hold seminars to encourage and instruct Christian in missions and explore mission strategies

o   To encourage the establishment of national missions associations where non exist

o   To cultivate sound relationship of churches and missions

o   And to take all other convenient and prudent actions in the interest of the member associations.


o   The 1st All-Asia Missions Consultation in Seoul, Korea, 1973

o   The 2nd Convention in Singapore, 1978 – “Strengthen and Lengthen” (Isaiah 54:2)

o   The 3rd Convention in Seoul, Korea, 1982 – Isaiah 62:10

o   The 4th Convention in Pasadena, USA, 1986 – “World Mission and World Peace”

o   The 5th Convention in Utsunomiya, Japan, 1991 – “World Christian for World Mission”

o   The 6th Convention in Kobe, Japan, 1997 – “Mission to the World for Glory to God and Peace on Earth”

o   The 7th Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2000 – “Missionary Vision for the Third Millennium”

o   The 8th Convention in Moscow, Russia, 2003 – “New Global Partnership for World Mission”

o   The 9th Convention in Ephesus, Turkey, 2006 – “Mission, The Apostolic Way”

o   The 10th Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010 – “Church of God as the Agent for Kingdom on Earth”

o   The 11th Convention in Inchon, Korea, 2013 – “Discipleship in the 21st Century Mission” (Luke 9:23)



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