book1The Mission

David J Cho

The publication of this volume of talks and studies done in English by Professor David J. Cho opens up to the non-Korean speaking world of mission leaders and missiologists, the principles and thinking that drove Cho to initiate so many helpful efforts in missions. Cho has been the igniter of many effective international mission developments coming from Third World countries in these last decades.



book2Missionary Movement of the Non-Western Churches

Timothy K Park and Steve K Eom

This edition is the compilation of East-West Seoul Forum, 2010 which was held as a commemorate anniversary of David Cho Museum & Library in 2009. Besides of several Korean participants who are the East-West Center leaders, Dr. Paul Pierson and Dr. Jehu Hanciles from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Rev. Dave Datema of U.S. Center for World Mission, Dr. Susanta Patra of IMA, Rev. Decio de Carvalho of COMIBAM, Dr. Seth Anyomi from Ghana were invited.

This forum concentrated on how the East and the West cooperate together for the development of global mission leaders for Thy Kingdom. All the discourses of this volume will be able to give very important insight to the readers.



book3Asian Churches in Global Missiosn

Eun Moo Lee and Timothy K Park

Compendium of the 10th Triennial Convention of the Asia Misssions Association.








book4Tracing the Apostolic Way of Mission

Timothy K Park

This edition is a compendium of the 9th Triennial Convention of Asia Missions Association. This volume compiled all of Plenary and workshop papers which were presented at the session. All of papers were focused on the Apostolic Way of Mission.

Besides of Asian mission leaders shuch as David J. Cho, Korea, Timothy K. Park, USA, Jacob Nahuway, Indonesia, John Kirubakaran, India, Minoru Okuyama, Japan, Hong Shik Shin, Thailand, Yong Joong Cho, Korea, Won Sang Lee, USA, Eddy Ho, Malaysia, other eminent mission scholars od Western world such as Dr. Ralph D. Winter, USA; Dr. Donald K. Smith, USA; and Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, Germany also delivered very valuable papers.

Through this compendium, all the readers will be able to learn how Asian mission leaders endeavored to restore the Apostolic principles of mission.


book5ASIAN MISSION: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Timothy K Park

This is the compendium of Asian Society of Missiology, Bangkok Conference 2007. Asian Society of Missiology is the first regional society on Missiology, Asia-wide. This Society was founded by Dr. Timothy K. Park in 2003 while the Asia Missions Association Moscow Convention was held.

The Bangkok Conference was the first forum of Asian Society of Missiology. Three distinguished Western mission scholars, Dr. Ralph D. Winter, Dr. Paul Pierson, and Dr. Jonathan Bonk were participated. They sincerely respected to the presentation of Asian missiologists.

The inter-dialogue were compiled in this edition. The reader will be benefited very much with these distinguished papers.



book6Mr. Mission: David Cho Museum & Library

David J Cho

Picture Book of the David Cho Museum & Library

This pictorial book is beautifully compiled historical documents of life of Dr. David J. Cho, a vigorous advocate of Non-Western missionary movement.

Those who are engaging to studies on Non-Western missionary movement must read and see narrative pictorial book. The readers of this book will be benefited to know how Non-Western missionary movement were advanced.


book7Discern What Is Right

David Hartono and Greg Young Baek

Official Compendium of the Seoul Strategic Mission Forum of Asian Society of Missiology








book8New Global Partnership for World Mission

Timothy K Park

This edition is a compendium of the 8th Triennial Convention of Asia Missions Association which was held in Moscow, Russia in 2003.

This Conference was the first international conference of mission in Russia since 1918. After the claps of the Soviet Union in 1989, it was gradually opened to the protestant mission particularly from Korea. The 8th Triennial Convention of AMA, Moscow, Russia invited over 200 Russian and CIS church leaders and it was very influential mission awareness occasion too.

This compendium compiled all the papers which were presented at the plenary and workshop sessions.

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