Jakarta 2010

Asians are now at the forefront of global mission. While most of Asia is still a mission field, Asian churches are also producing a growing number of missionaries and mission experts more than ever. The amount of resources in terms of manpower, material and financial as well as spiritual and prayer inputs have risen significantly.  This is an evidence of the steady spiritual maturation of the Asian Church in general. This mission phenomenon is an invitation for us to celebrate and, at the same time, carefully and seriously evaluate and rethink our strategies, structures and systems in terms of the unchanging truth of God’s Word and the constantly changing technological, social, cultural and spiritual climate of the global community.The 10th Triennial Convention of Asia Missions Association (AMA) Jakarta 2010 is one of those important events this year in which as fellow Asians and co-workers in Christ, we can reason together and commit to put our acts together to advance the Kingdom of God in Asia and beyond.I would like invite you to join us and be a part of this historic moment for Asian Churches. For more details please visit AMA website at http://asiamissions.net. See you in Jakarta!Sincerely,Timothy K. Park, Ph.D.

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