Asian Missions Advance, 57th (October 2017)

Editorial: Missions and Relationship Building

East-West Center for MRD

In missions, relationship building should be our passion. Missionaries should make developing relationships a priority, because ministries are not only about church growth, constructing facilities (schools, seminaries, churches, etc.), creating field projects and programs and others, but also about the daily build-up of relationships with people.
Relationship building takes time and most of it happens when we visit homes, understand their culture, dine with the locales and join them in their village meetings. We usually become closer when we sit across each other, and enjoy God’s grace and fellowship…
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Strategic Missions Partnerships with Churches for Christward Movements

David S. Lim

Recent works have highlighted the fact that in spite the good and noble intentions, much of “foreign aid” including (and perhaps also mainly) those in missions have contributed to worse situations, particularly in the perpetuation of paternalism (for donors) and dependency (for beneficiaries) wherever such relationships occur (Schwartz 2007; Corbett & Fikkert 2009; cf. Everist 1989). In the public square, foreign aid has corrupted governments, and enriched and empowered dictators, too (Easterly 2006; Moyo 2009; Wrong 2009)!…[read more]

Christian Transformation of Ru (Confucian) Leadership: A Historical and Comparative Analysis
Diane B. Obenchainl

This paper asks the question: What does Jesus Christ give to Ru (Confucian) leaders that enables these leaders to re-envision, reform and revive their role as stewards of the Chinese people and to exercise their important responsibility of bringing the people’s concerns to the awareness of those working at the political center who establish and promulgate instruction/policy for every sphere of human life?…[read more]

Church-To-Church International Partnership: A Case Study of How A Haitian Church Impacted A U.S. Church’s Understanding of Missions

Reid Kisling

Church partnerships in missions are nothing new. For example, the U.S. churches and organizations have continued to work with the Haitian church (and other organizations) for many years, most recently following the devastating earthquake in 2010. Many churches actively support missions, particularly through short-term teams. After all, sending people on short-term trips to support churches in such areas is a good thing, right?…[read more]

The Need and Possibility of A Missional NGO

Yong J. Cho

“Are there needs and the possibility to have a strategic mission-minded NGO?” The Bible and the present reality demand the needs and possibility of a missional NGO. In this paper, we will look at the Bible’s concerns for the salvation of soul, and the transformation of the whole being and its necessity and possibility to have a missional NGO to bring synergy for missions…[read more]

BOOK REVIEW: Eastern Voices, Vol. I: Insights, Perspectives, Visions from Kingdom Leaders in Asia

David S. Lim

This is an important journal that must be read by all who are concerned for the evangelization of Asia, the largest continent (more than 60% of world population) yet still the least evangelized continent in the world. It contains 14 testimonials of Asian church leaders who have courageously envisioned and launched ministries that overcame traditional barriers to developing new models of ministry in their respective contexts…[read more]


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Asian Missions Advance, 56th (July 2017)

Editorial: Missions In Africa

Timothy K. Park, Editor

Africa is a continent composed of 54 countries. As of 2016 it was reported that its population have reached 1.2 billion people, accounting for about 16% of the world’s population. With this large number of people, do you have an idea about the current mission and church situation in the African continent? How can we assess whether the people in Africa have known our Lord Jesus Christ and are worshipping in Bible-believing churches? [read more]

Dealing with the ‘One Mile Wide But One Inch Deep’ Syndrome: An African Initiative on Transformational Discipleship

Uzo Obed

We all know how popular it has become to describe the massive growth of Christianity in Africa in the last few decades of the 20th Century, as being ‘one mile wide and one inch deep.’ Some speakers, especially those from outside Africa, tend to use this statement in some derogatory manner.
We should not mistake this phenomenon for a stigma, or an indictment on Africans. We should rather consider it as an appropriate and timely identification of Africa’s crucial spiritual challenge for this moment…[read more]

Mapping and Missions Research in Africa: Thinking Out of the Box
Pierre Wedepohl

Our Lord Jesus said to his disciples,” But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) We are, therefore, to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, in our local village town or city, in our country, in our region of the world and to all nations. This paper focuses on how missions research and particularly mapping in missions research can be a valuable tool in assisting with the task of reaching out with the Gospel message, especially in the continent of Africa. Current trends and developments in mapping for missions research in Africa are highlighted and some interesting examples of the use of mapping in missions research are presented…[read more]

African Missions – My Story!

Emmanuel Nwachukwu

The pin-drop silence was too loud for me. A quick look behind confirmed we were still all there; – seated, heads bowed, like people condemned to death. Again, I muttered under my breath, like I had done nearly a thousand times before: “I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord!”
The alarm for announcements beeped, and the sonorous voice of the captain came on: “Ladies and gentlemen, you are aware that we have been flying through an area of serious turbulence…[read more]

Mission Mobilization in Southern Africa

Nicholas D. Osameyan

The Southern Africa region has a rich history of Christian missions. In 1880 the church in South Africa was said to have made greater progress than in any other area of the African Continent. This phenomenal growth was said to have resulted in the emergence of a large number of African clergy (Hildebrandt 1990). Over the years the context has changed and sadly too, the Great Commission had become a free elective ministry to majority of African churches in the region. This scenario had further been compounded by the overwhelming issues of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty, unemployment and the dilemma of transitioning from apartheid, colonial imperialism and a paternalistic missionary sending and supporting approach…[read more]

Malawian Missions: Rising Above Limitations

Innocent Magambi

During His ascension to heaven, Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to go out and preach the Gospel. His command was quite obscure and not what the disciples had been expecting. They looked at themselves as doubters, fearful, unable to cast out demons, unable to stand the pressure of the pharisees and sadducees and yet Jesus trusted them.
The Great Commission entrusted to the disciples is also being entrusted to the African Church. The Church in Africa has been entrusted with the Gospel. Despite the feeble mind-set of the African Church toward this mission, God still views us as essential to carry out His Great Commission…[read more]

Africa in Missions: Africa Doing Missions in Diaspora

Emmanuel Owusu Bediako

The world in the past few decades has witnessed an unparalleled intensification of transnational migration. It has been estimated that by the mid-1990s, more than 100 million people would have taken up residence in countries different from the land of their birth (The Economist 1997, 81; Wiener 1996, 128). The process of globalization has simultaneously created constraints as well as opportunities for the world at large…[read more]


Global Partnership in Missions

Timothy K. Park

Dr. Steve Eom, General Secretary of the EWCmrd, and I, Dr. Timothy Park, President of EWCmrd, visited Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macao from April 17 to May 8 to help facilitate the Asian missionary movement of the churches in the countries we visited. On May 15 to 24, I also visited Jordan and Egypt. We thank God for the fruitful ministries.
As a result of our Asian visits, about 10 Bangladesh Christians made a commitment to become cross-cultural missionaries and the first phase of founding the Bangladesh Missions Association was started thru forming connections with several missions and church leaders in Bangladesh…[read more]



P. F. Moyo

From Church Survival to Strategic Advance, Zimbabwe was emerging from near civil war in the mid-1980`s. Church leaders began asking questions about the state of the Great Commission in their nation. No one actually knew whether the Body of Christ was advancing or losing ground. Times were tough and most churches were struggling to get by in a survival mode. Pressed by the needs of the flock, church leaders felt they had little left over for outreach to un-reached communities…[read more]



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